UI Design

A business and conversion strategy for an ecommerce platform focused on sneakers.

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A mockup of Esencia platform.

The goal of this project was to create an e-commerce platform that would enhance the company’s growth and increase conversions.

To achieve this, I researched best practices to create an e-commerce website that not only had an attractive, clean and user-friendly interface, but also highly optimized in terms of conversions.

Value Proposition

At the outset, I focused on crafting our value proposition, aiming to grasp precisely why customers should opt for us over the competition. This phase played a pivotal role in reinforcing the bedrock of the business, accentuating the benefits we offer to customers.


From hereon, I entered the benchmarking phase, meticulously analyzing both advantageous and disadvantageous practices among our competitors. This enabled to determine the actions we should pursue and the pitfalls we need to avoid repeating.


Thanks to this preliminary exploration, I was able to ascertain the requirements that the e-commerce should meet, identify the key design and business principles, and establish SMART objectives. These objectives will serve as metrics to gauge the success and conversion rates of our business, empowering us to refine and evolve it moving forward.

Let’s design!!