Mita Atelier

Creative Direction
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Mita Atelier, a personal concept and brand.

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Photo of a bag between flowers.


As a personal project, I launched Mita Atelier. A small brand of handmade bags with production on demand. I started the project not only with the aim of creating a brand, but an abstract concept that encompasses all the values that I want to convey.

The project is based on the creation of handmade and unique pieces, with a concept based on the importance of details, nature and the little things in life. Above all, what I wanted was that Mita Atelier could flow and grow as I change as a person and professional.

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Behind the project there has been a process of brand identity creation, ideation of the strategic marketing plan, design and creation of the handcrafted pieces, communication and social media planning. As well as a lot of energy and heart put into it.