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Refining and reimagining a reading platform.

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Mockup of Nice App.

About the project

As a reader, I have frequently experienced the lack of a contemporary and user-friendly platform for sharing, documenting, and tracking my reading habits.

This motivated me to embark on the journey of refining and reimagining a reading platform that caters to the evolving tastes of present-day readers, all while enhancing its aesthetics and user experience.

This initiative envisions a community where book enthusiasts can seamlessly connect, embark on literary explorations, and immerse themselves in the expansive world of literature with ease and a polished user interface.

Design approach

In executing this project, I adopted the design thinking process, examining the existing offering and drilling down to understand the problem in order to design an effective solution.

The design thinking approach, coupled with a commitment to continuous iteration, played a key role in driving this project forward. This enabled the fast creation of an MVP, which could be refined based on new ideas drawn from research and feedback.


How can we design an effective strategy to foster a widespread sense of literary community and encourage active participation in the reading community?

What kind of solution should we devise to inspire and amplify the pleasure of reading, while fostering meaningful peer interactions and recurrence in application?


Let’s design!!